Final Meet & Greet for 2016

I was happy to join the group for quarterly Meet & Greet. For those of you who are new to the organization, a "Meet & Greet" is a time when new members, old members and those that simply want to know more about the organization come together and discuss the core values, goals and upcoming events. img_1136Upon joining the meeting, it was announced that our organization is now categorized as a NON-PROFIT. Woohoo! This opens many doors! We can now receive donations that can be credited through tax deductions. In addition, Fry's and Amazon shoppers can now help to fund our cause. Our organization will receive a small percentage of a each purchase (about 0.5%). For more on how to do it, click here: Shop, drop and donate?

For those who have missed it, we spent time discussing different ways members can help to make a difference within the organization. We want to invite anyone who is interested to join in on one of our committees. This not only allows us to serve the community but to also have our own personal impact on ways to do it!

Our current BWTR committees:

Hostess & Greeter-See Erica T., Team Lead

Fundraising Committee-See Marsha T.,  Events Coordinator

Birthday Committee- See Veronica H., Team Lead

Our Girls Rock-See Lisa N., Team Facilitator

Sistah Chat-See Beverly J., Team Facilitator

We Care Homeless Committee-See Michelle G., Team Lead

Blogger/Social Media-See Rochelle J., President-CEO

Mastermind Team-See Rochelle J., President-CEO



If you're interested in joining a committee, contact the appropriate the committee  leader. You can also contact Rochelle and she can point you in the right direction.


"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." --Helen Keller