Rest and Relaxation.



Happy Sunday,

Yesterday, we had wonderful morning of relaxation at the Arizona School of Massage.

They had a lovely deal of 2 massages for $25. We knew we had to get in on this and

treat ourselves.




It's always good to take some time to rest, relax and let things go. Sometimes the things

we do, the things we feel we have to do, can wear on us. That's why it's especially

important to  devout some time to unwind, rest and rejuvenate.  Yes, and that's exactly

what we did!


After our morning of massage and pampering, we had brunch at Crackers & Co. Cafe.  A

very tasty spot for the brunch enthusiast! Yum!

It was such a good time ladies! Let's hear it for rest and relaxation time! A much

appreciated get together.