Doctor Shows Promising New Treatments for Childhood Trauma


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We just love to share stories about those who go the extra mile to make a difference. I just read an article about a young black doctor that is doing just that. She goes by the name of Dr. Nadine Burke.

Dr. Nadine Burke is a true pioneer. She's leading a revolutionary movement to change the why we approach childhood trauma and adversity. She is sharing the science behind childhood trauma and is bringing to light a connection between health and adversity.

After opening a pediatric clinic in the low income neighborhood of San Francisco, she noticed something was not right. A rather high percentage of her patients seemed to be ill with conditions like asthma and other problems. Some patients had illnesses of unknown causes.

It truly baffled her because she couldn't understand where these issues where coming from.  She began to research issues that may be associated with health outcomes in children. She finally reviewed a study 10-year old medical study that showed a clear link between diseases and childhood trauma. 

In 2013, we founded The center of Youth Wellness in effort to help change the way society responds childhood trauma.  That center has also linked up with the University of California Benioff Children's Hospital in hopes pioneering new research to better provide effective interventions, screening tools and identify related biomarkers. 

Very interesting insight. Ultimately it is about helping those in need. It great share a story about those who really thrive to help a underserved community.

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