Giving back at St. Mary's Food Bank

Good evening everyone,

We've had a very productive weekend serving our community.

Saturday our ladies spent their time at St. Mary's Food bank. Certainly a Saturday well spent!

Many folks have heard of food banks and many have spent time volunteering for them. Honestly though, I've never understood why they call them 'food banks'. Yes, food banks are charitable non-profits, and yes they distribute food, but why the name 'bank'? Maybe it's time for an educational moment. 

In 1967, a system was created to help bridge a gap between soup kitchens, companies and waste of excessive food goods. A place where companies could deposit goods and non-profits like soup kitchens and food pantries could withdraw them. Ah! Like a bank! Usually supported by a warehouse, goods are shipped, packed and distributed to different organizations.  It's a little different from a blood bank as blood banks rely solely on individuals for their donations rather than companies or other organizations. However, they are similar in the fact that they depend heavily volunteers. Volunteers to assist on packing, labeling, unpacking and overall logistics.

This is where we come in!  We are the glue that holds things together. Delighted to be working along side other non-profits to better serve. Thank you ladies for coming out and doing your part.