Live and Local-Fundraising for the Boys and Girls Club

Good evening all!

Phew! It's been an action packed week to say the least. Our ladies were out on Sunday, serving and setting up for a special function. It was a busy day but as usual our ladies came through and donated their time to a great cause.

Where were we serving on a Sunday? The boys and girls club of greater scottsdale. Many people are familair with this organization but some may not know what service it is that they provide. The boys and girls club is an organization of many chapters across the nation. Their mission is to support and encourage the youth who may have no where to turn after the school bell. TBAGC are a very resoureful organization as they have a unique ability use many gifts of many people to serve a common goal. Many are able to volunteer in various different ways to their growing number of programs.  For example, if a volunteer has an interest or background in math , science or engineering, TBAGC has a hands on STEM program for tweens. A volunteer can choose to be a mentor, a sports coach, a summer program counselor, a teacher of the arts, a healthy life style or practical life skills to kids . The possibilities are truly unlimited. For more information on the Boys and Girls club of American visit:

You can also contact your local chapter in your neighborhood. 

Generally speaking, the Boys and Girls Club is most active on the weekdays. Wondering why we were volunteering on a Sunday? We were participating in a fundraising event called Live and Local, planned by one of our members (Kimberly C). It was a great opportunity for us to come out and support them. There was so much for us to do! We assembled restaurant boxes, placed linens on the tables, assembled wine glassed, delivered water and wine to their stations, and much more. We committed to both the morning and evening and different members came out for various times. It was a nice event and felt great to help out this amazing organization. I want to give thanks to everyone who sacrificed their Sundays to come out and serve our communities.


These are the real Superwomen!!