Pre-Screening for "Almost Christmas".

Good evening all,

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Well, maybe not quite yet. With temperatures still reaching into the 80's it doesn't exactly scream that it's time for the Holidays. If you're new to Phoenix, welcome to our wonderfully mild winters! Don't let it get you down though, we can always do something special to keep the holiday magic alive.

Last Wednesday our ladies enjoyed a free pre-screening to "Almost Christmas". The film is written and directed by David E. Talbert. This movie is jammed pack with our favorite Black actors. Performers such us Mo'Nique, Danny Glover and my girl Gabriel Union made for a entertaining experience. The film gives us both comedy and touching moments. I believe they refer this kind of film as a "dramedy". It isn't uncommon to find these kind of blends in movies. They are very versatile and are better able to reach a bigger audience. 

Based on comments regarding the film, I think it was a hit with our ladies! 

One member said, "this was a very good movie! I laughed and cried. The story line touched a lot of my family memories, both good and bad. To me it stressed the value of the holidays and family get-togethers."

So there you have it! Almost Christmas is now in theaters, if you haven't seen it with us, check it out!