Our 'Sistah' Chat

Happy Sunday,

BWTR has been very productive this week. We've served at an event, supported a charity and even went to a pre-screening. It was nice to end the week with an more intimate gathering. Also known as our 'Sistah Chat.' If you're not familiar with it, I'm happy to explain the importance of these sessions. The Sistah Chat is a way members can come together and discuss life's experiences in a nonjudgemental setting. We the women of BWTR come from different backgrounds and all walks of life. During these chats, we can connect in a safe environment. That's precisely why these are so important to the group. There are times we feel we can't talk to anyone, even our friends and family. This event allows for the opportunity to not only share ourselves with others but to reflect on our goals, our past and our future. 

The group also provides the opportunity to practice mindfulness. During this session, we strung beads and wrote encouraging words on our own mirrors.  One of our members, Kellie R., was the facilitator for our session. She did an awesome job and really shined as she led and encouraged us to share ourselves with each other.

Check out Rochelle's mirror!

Check out Rochelle's mirror!

If you haven't participated in a Sistah Chat, there may be another coming up this December. Keep a look out on the calender. I can't recommend it enough!