Pre-Screening of Loving

Good evening all,

We had a fun-filled week assembling with our BWTR ladies. Last Wednesday we had the pleasure of viewing a free pre-screening of "Loving". I know I'm 'loving' the free part!

If you've seen the trailers for this movie, they look really good! I won't give out any spoilers but I will talk more on the historical origins of the film.

One interesting fact is "Loving" is actually a British-American film despite the fact that it takes place in Virginia. The film as written and directed by Jeff Nichols, an American screen writer and film director.

"Loving" is historical depiction of the 1967 Supreme court case of Loving vs. The state of Virginia. The court's unanimous decision invalidated federal and state laws that prohibited interracial marriage. It all started with a marriage. The Plaintiffs, Mildred Loving and Richard Loving, violated the anti-miscengenation statue.  Which at the time was called the Racial Integrity Act of 1924. This law prohibited the interracial marriage of the 'white' and 'colored'.  Those who violated this law were incarcerated. This time however, the violation was challenged and went all the way up to the Supreme Court. The court overruled the previous decision of Pace vs. Alabama (1883) and agreed that the prohibition was unconstitutional.

Fantastic! Need I say more?

We are so lucky as a group to get to come together and witness a little slice of history. Free of cost!! Special thanks to those who secured the screening! It was a treat!

Haven't seen it? Go check it out it!