BWTR Holiday Brunch

Happy Sunday,

I hope everyone has had a great week. I've had a very busy week! Phew! It's mid December and the holidays are in full swing. Homes are decorated, families are getting together and festivities have commenced!  People are rushing to the stores to purchase their gifts (or If you're like me, you take advantage of that internet shopping!) Kids are putting on school plays and folks are planning their holiday trips. Though these things can be a fun time for many, there are others that find them completely overwhelming. It's easy for these times to become a source of stress and anxiety.  Questions like, "Will I be able to afford my bills, let alone these gifts? Can I handle a week with my in-laws?" or, "Will I be able to make it through December?" take over many people's lives. That's why it's important to try to focus on the aspects that make the holidays an uplifting experience. Focusing on charity, humility and togetherness help to keep us from becoming prey to the insanity this time of the year can bring. With that said, we try to make time within our organization to bring folks together for occasional light and fun gatherings. It's a way to to encourage fellowship while helping to dissolve some of the stressors our members may be feeling in their everyday lives. 

Let's hear it for some holiday cheer!

Let's hear it for some holiday cheer!

I want to mention what a delight it was for our BWTR ladies to get together for a holiday brunch. It was a pleasant and festive gathering. On Saturday, we met at the Talking Stick Resort for a refreshing buffet. At the end, we all participated in a holiday gift exchange. It's always treat to get together with our members and enjoy some light conversation and tasty food.

Do you feel the holidays can be overwhelming? If so, what steps do you take to keep the holidays positive?