Our Vision Board

Happy Monday,

Happy MLK day to be exact!  Anyone enjoying some time off? Even though many folks don't get time paid off, we can still take time to observe the orginal dream of the visionary that is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It's so important to be able to stop and take a look at our history. I had to reflect a little on the many, many challenges that blacks overcame in the name of justice and equality. This is powerful! Not only in observance of the past, but in awareness of the present and future.

Here's a little tidbit for those who are new to the state. Did you know Arizona was the second to the last state to observe MLK day as an official holiday. Heh, just typing that It brings about memories of my mother grumbling. In 1986, Governor Bruce Babbitt, established MLK day as a state holiday. The next year, it was reversed due to being "illegal". The same year, Arizona was a candidate to host Super Bowl XXVII in February 1993. Our state received political backlash. Threats to move the Super Bowl to another state were given unless the state voted MLK day in. In response, the vote to establish MLK as an official holiday was passed and the Super Bowl was proudly held in Arizona!  Democracy prevails!!! *Cue fireworks and cheesy music*

Just kidding folks. We lost the vote, and subsequently, lost the opportunity to host the Super Bowl. However, MLK day was eventually voted in as a state holiday. Just a little later. Sometimes simple things can take a complex process before change begins to manifest. What's important to remember is, no matter how slow or relentless, small steps do lead to progress.

Speaking of a visionaries, we spent some time on our own vision.  On Saturday the ladies at BWTR came together to create a vision board. What is a vision board, you say? It's pretty much the way it sounds. It visual presentation of messages and images the convey our mission as a group. We made a potluck out of it, brought different dishes as well as magazines for inspiration. We even got the pleasure of spending the day with our younger but just as talented girls. It's great to set an example for our youth while bringing them in to engage. Our ladies (and girls) brought the fun, the creativity and the inspiration! Here we are the results!  Now check us out!


So stinkin' cute!

So stinkin' cute!