Reaching out to Sojourner Center

Happy Monday all,

It's the beginning of the week! I know, I know. Most people aren't a fan of Mondays. Monday's are often met with contempt and resentment from many, am I right? But you know what,. I'm here to tell you that despite that the weekend is over, it's still a blessing to wake up to a brand new day and a brand new week. YES! Before I get into this week's activities, I want to discuss our outreach to Sojourner's Domestic Shelter on Saturday!

For anyone who isn't familiar with the Sojourner Center, they serve as an emergency shelter for domestic violence victims. They also provide safe planning, domestic violence education, legal advocacy, chlldcare, a 24-hour crisis line, referral services and on-site healthcare. To say this center plays a prominent role to families in need would be an understatement. This center provides much need needed respite, counseling and rehabilitation to those who have experienced physical and emotional trauma.

Last Saturday, we gathered at the Sojourner Center and really got to sorting. We spent a good 4 hours sorting and organizations all kinds of items for women and children. I'm talking clothes, shoes, hygiene products, pillows, toys and all sorts of needed necessities. And you know what, It felt GOOD! I'm get so happy every time I get to see our ladies get together and do some good things for the community. Especially when it benefits women and children. Wohoo! good job ladies!

For more information on how to help the Sojourner Center, visit:



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