Our Early Morning Hike

Happy Monday,

It's a wonderful start to a wonderful week! The weather had just been amazing these last couple days. I'm talking cool crips mornings, and sunny warm days. It's just been fabulous. So what do we do on days like these? We get outside! 

At 8:00 o'clock on Saturday, BWTR met at Pinnacle Peak! The mountain's elevation is 3,169 feet! But hikes will only hike up to about 2,570 feet. The trail itself is about 1.75 miles. Since it isn't a loop trail you must hike back to the beginning from where you ended which makes it closer to a 3.5 mile hike. That's quite a good hike, but It's totally worth it. You can always take your time and just get lost in the scenery, the nature and the peaceful solitude. Hiking can be such a mindful experience. It's not only a great opportunity to enjoy the weather, but to take some time to reflect on our life's many splendors.

I hope everyone enjoyed their time out on the peak. It's so important to develop ways to put your mind in the present when times get to be too much. Sometimes when we are stressed out about the future or the past, we have a hard time coming back to the present. I know when I am stressed, I sometimes take a break to pray or sit outside to recoup and remind myself of how blessed I truly am. Gatherings like taking a hike together might seem simple, but for some people, they can be just what was needed to get out of a dark place.

What are things you do to keep yourself present and bring peace to an otherwise chaotic moment? Comment below and let us know. Maybe you can be a blessing to someone else who needs it.