Happy Birthday Meme!

Good evening to all,

Phew! The holidays have concluded, the old year is gone and a new one has begun. If you hadn't heard it enough, I want to wish everyone a happy New Years! There's something about the beginnings of a new year that seem to the bring about positivity in people. To me, a new year really invokes feeling out hope, serenity and all things new. Such a fresh feeling, right? Certainly!

We've had a wonderful start to our year already! Just a day after new years, one of our members has graciously invited the BWTR to participate in her birthday celebration!  We were honored to be a part of the celebration as our ladies mean so much to us.  On Monday (January 2nd), we met at Happy Joe's for a little get together.  As usual, we had a lot of fun! It's so great to be able to get together with one and another and enjoy the moment! What a great start to a new year!

Here's a spot light to our member Meme! Happy birthday from the BWTR!