Welcome to BWTR


Happy Sunday,

We just had our first meeting of the year and we had a great turnout. Many of our members came to support BWTR's new and up and coming planning and fundraising. We also had many new members. If you're new to BWTR, new to the website or just new to the blog, I want to tell you "Welcome, welcome, WELCOME!" We're happy to have you and you make our organization that much stronger. Just your participation strengthens us. When you come to meetings, we get stronger. When you come up to serve the community, we thrive! Even when you join in on our Facebook page, it goes a long way. Every way you engage, is an opportunity to support our cause and thereby supporting the community.  I want to thank everyone new and old for being a part of BWTR. Like our member 'Tish said, "You all Rock!!!" 

With that said, there is so much going this year I can hardly summarize it! But really, this is a good thing! That means we really are truly growing. It's also easy to get a little overwhelmed when there are so there so many opportunities. That's ok, too! Really it is. Because you don't have to do everything. Our organization is as much about our members as it is community. Anyway you choose to engage is a WIN for us! This is because the folks that make up BWTR have many roles, different experiences and have unique ideas on how they'd like to help. 

So maybe you missed the meeting or maybe forgot some of the details. That's ok, I got you!

For those that don't know, you can view our schedule of weekly events at Meetup.com. You need to become a member with our group to RSVP to the events. Eventually we will be using our own platform to host our own event schedule. But for now, Meetup is the place to reach our schedule of events and the dates and times they take place.  Here's a direct link to our Meetup group.  

Want more ways to help?

Shop at Fry's?  One of the ways you can help us out is register your Fry's VIP card with our organization. Here's a link for more information on how to do it. This also applies to Amazon Smile.

We also have a fundraiser coming up! We call it "Bowling for Charity"! It's sure to be loads of fun! 

Click here for more information.

Still itching to help? If so, you can become beloved a member of one of our committees.We currently have openings on two committees.

We Care Homeless Committee - Contact Team lead, Michelle G. for more information.

Mastermind Team - Contact Team lead, Linda M. for more information.

You can also contact our CEO Rochelle if you are not sure where to start. 

Regardless of whatever you choose to do, we are happy you chose to do it here! Thanks again to everyone who contributed their time to BWTR! We love you and thank you! Stay tuned for more information.